a creaking door hangs longest

Usually said consolingly about, by, or to the infirm, though sometimes implying that a weak or faulty thing continues to be a nuisance the longest. Gate sometimes replaces door.

1776 T. COGAN John Buncle, Junior I. vi. They say a creaking gate goes the longest upon its hinges; that’s my comfort.

1888 F. HUME Madame Midas II. ii. It is said that ‘creaking doors hang the longest’. Mrs. Pulchop..was an excellent illustration of the truth of this saying.

1944 A. CHRISTIE Towards Zero 62 But it seems I am one of these creaking gates—these perpetual invalids who never die.

1970 L. DEIGHTON Bomber vi. The Flight Engineer said, ‘A creaking door hangs longest.’ Digby christened her [an aeroplane] ‘Creaking Door’.

1985 J. MORTIMER Paradise Postponed viii. I’ll probably last like this another thirty years. I’ll be a creaking gate..and they goes on swinging forever.

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